Mylease Novated Lease

If you are looking for a car, either new or used, then a Mylease Novated Lease will save you thousands of dollars. All you need for a Novated Lease is the agreement of your employer who, at no cost to them, will deduct the payments from your salary and pay your lease costs to Mylease. Mylease will help you set up your Novated Lease to achieve the maximum available tax benefit and significantly reduce the overall cost of both the car and associated running costs to you.

The process is very simple, if it is just information you are looking for then call us and we will be happy to help. If you’ve already decided on your preferred car then we will supply you with accurate costs for the lease and running expenses. There is an easy to follow paperwork process which should take less than an hour of your time from first enquiry through to vehicle delivery.

With over 100,000 vehicles leased annually, Novated leasing has now become the way forward in private passenger vehicle ownership.

What is a Novated Lease?

There are many complicated explanations provided on how a Novated Lease works. However, it really is a simple concept. You (the employee) take a lease with Mylease and then your employer deducts the money from your salary and makes the payments on your behalf. With the employer making payments on your behalf, the car is treated just like a company car and your employer will receive, and pass on to you, all the tax deductions that you would not ordinarily be entitled to.

Once the lease is setup and all costs are known, your employer will make the payments including GST on your behalf, and then claim the GST back from the tax office, so right up front you will be saving all the GST charges. On top of that some or all of the money that is deducted from your salary by your employer will come from your pre-tax earnings which means a saving on your income tax as well.

Mylease will help setup the lease for you and provide you with a monthly budget / estimate of all the likely costs associated with running the car e.g.: Fuel, Maintenance, Tyres, Registration, Comprehensive Insurance and Roadside Assistance. With “State of the Art” fleet management systems Mylease will continue to provide you with a range of reporting and cost saving measures for the operation of your car. Mylease will supply fuel cards and will pay all of your expenses as they occur so you will always have a full tank of fuel with minimal time and effort required for you to manage your car.

Check out our lease calculator to see what you can save?


Fuel is budgeted in Novated Lease.

Registration renewal

Registration renewal is included in Novated Lease.

Tyres & Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance & Tyres are included


Comprehensive insurance is budgeted in to Novated Lease.

Features and Benefits of Novated Lease

Mylease provides all the tax and administrative benefits of the novated lease (see novated lease product description) Plus,

  • Pay no GST on your lease or running costs .
  • Save on income tax
  • Fuel cards and other payment mechanisms to make life easier
  • Great costs saving strategies to save on vehicle purchase and day-to-day expenses

Who does Novated Lease suit?

  • Employees of both large and small companies.
  • Employees who are entitled to a company car, but want wider choice in vehicle.
  • Employees who want to own their company car supplied car .
  • Employees who are looking for tax savings in their car ownership.
  • Employees who are looking for a second car via salary package.
  • Employees who are not ordinarily entitled to a company car as part of their salary packages.
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