Novated Car Lease Australia

Novated Car Leasing delivers tax ad GST savings to employees by creating an arrangement where an employer makes payments on behalf of an employee for their car and running costs. It’s a three-way agreement between an employer, employee and a financier.

The employee benefits by:

* Payment of car expenses by a salary sacrifice arrangement reduces taxable income and therefore reduces tax payable.
* Because your employer makes the payments, all GST is claimed back by the employer and so is not payable at all by you.
* Salary package arrangements typically attract a higher fleet discount, this just means you buy the car cheaper than you would as an individual.

What makes Mylease different from other Novated services is that any of our products can be matched with our budgeted fleet management to provide one, known monthly cost of operation for the life of the asset.

We get fleet discount from most car dealers in Australia. Mylease offers Australia wide Novated lease to all major cities to regional areas including the following

Australian Capital Territory