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Why choose Mylease ?

Mylease is a personalised vehicle lease company specialising in both Novated and traditional Company Car leasing with customers ranging from very small owner operator to the very large corporate entities. With thousands of vehicles under lease and management, our business delivers one-on-one service to both employers and drivers alike. There are no call centres, so no waiting in line for unhelpful scripted responses…. read more +

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Novated Lease

A Novated Lease is by far the cheapest and easiest way to buy, own and run a new motor more +

Company Car Lease

A fully maintained company car lease is the traditional method of providing employee cars, can be for either a tool-of trade or purely benefit more +

Short Term Rental

Short term leasing can be a great solution for new employees, overseas or external consultants or simply seasonal vehicle more +

Finance Lease

A Mylease Finance Lease is designed mostly for the small to medium business as a way to ultimately purchase and own a car based on a fixed term payment arrangement followed by a lump sum payment at lease end. read more +


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    Choose a New or Used car of your choice.

  • Quote

    Get Mylease Novated Lease Quote for your car.

  • Approval

    Confirm Finance with Mylease and Mylease will pay for your car.

  • Drive Away

    Drive away your Fully Maintained Novated Lease Car.

Current Novated Lease Promotion

Mazda 3 Neo

Save $2400.00 every year on Mazda 3 Neo in three year fully maintained novated lease.

Mercedes C-200

Save $2300.00 every year on Mercedes C-200 in three year fully maintained novated lease.

Toyota hiLux

Save $2400.00 every year on Toyota hiLux in three year fully maintained novated lease.

Hyundai Tucson

Save $2400.00 every year on Hyundai Tucson in three year fully maintained novated lease.