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MyLease Novated Leasing

Mylease Novated Lease

Leasing And Fleet Management

Mylease Novated lease is a wholly owned division of Inovation Pty Ltd

Our company is a full service Vehicle Lease provider and we have been successfully providing Fully Maintained Novated leases to our customers for over 10 years with a managed fleet exceeding 2000 motor vehicles.

Our highly qualified consultants offer a broad range of expertise not only in the specific field of finance lease but also FBT, Vehicle Purchasing, Maintenance, Repairs and Insurance.

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Mylease About

Why Mylease?

For us it is all about the customer. As an organisation we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, satisfaction and retention.

Each driver, each lessee is considered to be an individual customer in their own right and deserves the respect of personalised one-on-one call centres!

There are many employees and employers who believe the benefits of a Novated Lease are outweighed by the difficulties associated with poor supplier service.

Our aim is to ensure the Novated Lease process is a pleasant and cost effective experience for the employee as well as being a cost free, administratively friendly experience for employer.